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Administrative Support


Date Posted: April 26, 2022

100% Remote Setup

Part-time / Full-time

Previous administrative experience



About You

You play a vital role in ensuring that projects are moving forward and making sure that the team has everything they need. This means your role includes documentation management and general administrative functions. You are a self-starter and specialized knowledge and skills that empower businesses to make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project, from the initiation stage to completion. You have great work ethics, and you love working in a team.

You are also passionate in learning and being familiar with the client’s business environment and developing positive relationships with associates and clients. Delivering exceptional results and being accountable to the highest standards are some of the values you uphold.



  • Two years of related experience
  • Experience in administrative and operational support
  • Knowledge in project management and documentation management
  • Capable of creating flowcharts and project worksheets
  • Create reports for stakeholder presentations to monitor project progress
  • Strong and effective written and oral communication
  • Think and act like a teammate
  • Learn and support existing internal platforms
  • Able to take direction
  • Performance-driven


  • Computer literate
  • Operational experience in Microsoft Office Suite, including MS Project and Visio
  • Tech-savvy and familiar in using CRMs (e.g., Asana, Trello, ClickUp)

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